In the off season we daydream about when we can get back on the water in warmer temps, but we make the most of our falls and winters. Case in point: a trip last September to our log cabin in East Rosebud Lake, MT (site of our upcoming SUP retreat!) to celebrate Nancy’s birthday.

We had mild enough weather the first day to hike to “the falls” (a classic spot we spend time at every trip) and Onewheel around the lake (we sell these bad boys in our shop—come check ’em out in person).

And on the second day, East Rosebud had different plans. Almost a foot of snow dropped, utterly transforming the landscape from crisp fall to snowglobe winter. Luckily, we always come prepared, and had dry suits at the ready. We slipped ’em on and paddled out post-storm for a chilly, glassy SUP session. Oakley, in true Oakley fashion, couldn’t stay on shore for long—so we headed back to pick him up and he happily jumped aboard. A true SUP pup.

And then, close to sundown…MOOSE. Two of the gorgeous creatures sidled past our front window, grazing through the snow. They are truly magnificent, and seeing them in person is such a unique experience.

We can’t wait to get back up there this April to open the cabin for the 2018 season.  Hope you can join us for the Montana SUP Adventure in August.

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