Badfish MCIT

Due to its unique design, the MCIT has proven itself as the most stable and versatile inflatable stand up paddleboard on the market. Characteristics in the existing drop stitch technology used by most inflatable board makers limit the ability to incorporate performance enhancing design elements. (MCIT) Multi Chamber Inflatable Technology enables Boardworks to offer inflatable SUP designs that overcome those limitations.


The MCIT SUP is the only inflatable SUP with tapered rails which enables it to be stable in the right spots and nimble in the tail for better performance
The rigid drop stitch deck sits below the rail height, lowering the paddlers center of gravity, resulting in excellent secondary stability crucial for river paddling and superior stability in rough waters
The I Beam Stiffening System functions like a stringer in a foam blank and significantly increases longitudinal rigidity
The tough cone bow adds extra impact protection for rocks, docks and other hard surface
Includes a “flap” pack backpack, high volume pump, an inline pressure gauge, and a color matched rubber patch kit
Can be easily deflated, rolled up and put into the “flap” pack backpack for easy transport
Proven high-density drop stitch construction making the MCIT very rigid for better performance
Ideal for people with limited room to store large boards
Equipped with glued on rubber side bite fins and a detachable center fin allowing for versatility and options when paddling in deep waters or shallow rivers and lakes
Also equipped with a bungy system for strapping down whatever you might need for that adventure of a lifetime!
Inflates to 14-18 PSI

9’0″ MCIT – $1,399  $999


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