Hala Gear Butterknife


We want you to have the freedom of choice, and with the patented Butterknife, you can do it all. Hala’s innovative paddle provides two blades that allow you to paddle while sitting o in a kneeling position. Or you can choose to pop up and utilize the handle behind the blade and you have an elite SUP paddle! At the end of the day, break it down to a size that fits in your Hala bag and travels with you. Feel the smooth grace and choice as you cut through the water with the Hala Butterknife.

  • Double Bladed Shaft
  • SUP Handle Behind Blade
  • Adjustable Carbon Shaft
  • Clamp and Pin Center Clamp
  • Two 7 Ply CFRT Fiberlite™ Grafik Blades
  • Travel Ready Paddle

Available in black.


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