Hala Quick Release Coiled SUP Leash

When paddling in any river environment, a quick release leash is a must-have piece of gear for safety. Traditional straight and coil leases can get caught around rocks and potentially can be life-threatening in swift moving water. The Hala Releasable SUP leash is a convertible quick release and ankle leash. The coiled body greatly reduces drag and keeps the leash out of your way as you move around the board. This leash is perfect for paddlers who want versatility, as it has a unique design that features two different attachment options.

Option One: A releasable leash with the sailing shackle and locking carabiner which allows you to attach to your PFD. With a simple pull of the shackle ball, you can release the leash from your PFD and swim safely away.

Option Two: Convert the leash to an ankle leash by attaching the ankle cuff to the same sailing shackle. You now have a great leash to use on flat water and surf environments.

– Coiled body
– Sailing shackle
– PFD quick release
– 2 Attachment Options
– Available in 7’0″ and 9’0″ sizes

Price: $79.95

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