Gear Spotlight: Red Paddle Co. 9’6″ Compact SUP

A board that folds down to half the size of any inflatable SUP

Introducing the Revolutionary Compact 9’6″ SUP by Red Paddle Co.

Introducing the Revolutionary Compact 9’6″ SUP by Red Paddle Co.

It’s pretty exciting to watch technology for inflatable paddleboards evolve. Each year, it seems that manufacturers find a way to revolutionize the industry and create a board that is more durable, more stiff, more affordable, or even create a new niche of the sport entirely.

Red Paddle Co. is a company that is successfully developing quality boards and setting themselves apart from other manufacturers in the industry. They are one of the few companies that have 5 inch thick boards with a high drop stitch thread count. Because RPC’s inflatable boards are thin, stiff, and sturdy, the boards can perform comparable to their hard-board counterparts. Red Paddle Co. promises a two year warranty against manufacturer defect on their products, so you can count on a worthy investment.

Earlier this year, Red Paddle Co. released a revolutionary board and paddle that fits into a backpack that’s half the size of your typical SUP bag and the entire package only weighs 27 pounds!

Backpack is less than half the size of a normal SUP bag

This mind-blowing SUP is called the 9’6″ Compact. The board has a unique ability to fold in half down the center, unlike any other inflatable SUP on the market. The board has multiple stringers, so there’s no compromise on performance and rigidity. The paddle is also an impressive innovation–it’s a 5-piece carbon paddle with a lever-lock adjustable handle and a nylon blade.

Comes with a dual-chamber two stage compact pump!

Your purchase of the 9’6″ Compact comes in a backpack (with a height of only 22 inches) that contains:

Complete package – just smaller!
  • The Compact board
  • 5-piece breakdown paddle
  • Titan double barrel handpump
  • Two fins
  • A leash
  • And even a waterproof phone case!

This board is perfect for anyone that wants to save some space in the gear closet, desires a high-quality and lightweight paddleboard, or anyone with an interest in hiking or traveling to their paddle destinations with their SUP on their back (cue backpacking to serene alpine lake fantasy).

Interested in an in-depth gear review of the 9’6″ Compact? Check out this blog post from here and come into the shop to see it in person!

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