Gear Spotlight: Badfish Rivershred

We live in a state that boasts some of the greatest whitewater in the country; it’s no wonder that the top river-SUP brands are born in Colorado.

Badfish SUP is no exception

The company is based in Salida, Colorado and the owners are passionate river-rats that know a lot about shaping boards and designing whitewater parks. The expertise within the company trickles down–If you attend any competitive river-SUP event, you’ll likely see the Badfish athletes dominating the field. The technology in the boards equate to performance on the water, and the board shapes are constantly evolving to fit the needs of the people using them.

Badfish is best-known for designing quiver must-haves in the sport of river surfing, but when it comes to crushing downriver runs, the Badfish Rivershred performs at the top of its class. It was designed by river surf and SUPing athlete, Mike Tavares, and was the first inflatable river-specific SUP Badfish released after years of producing ultra-durable innegra hard-boards.

This stand up paddleboard comes equipped with additional features that fine-tune the technical performance of the board. The Rivershred’s reinforced stringer contributes to added rigidity throughout the SUP, enabling the board to respond to the paddler as they shift their weight and edge their board while navigating wave-trains, surfing waves, or punching through holes. With its ample rocker, it can glide over the tops of waves or surf moderate river waves. The board has a PBR band that wraps around the tail, which helps add structural integrity to the area where the paddler stands.

This inflatable board comes with a paddle, pump, fins, repair kit, and travel bag. Badfish also offers a three year warranty.

If you’re looking for a stand up paddleboard that can handle rough water and perform well throughout a variety of currents, then this is the board for you. Someone with a river background who will demand high-performance equipment will have just as much fun as the river rookie getting into the sport while paddling the Badfish Rivershred!

If you have any questions, write a comment or feel free to stop by the shop and chat! We are open Tuesdays through Sundays, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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